About Us

Who we are

TargetWon is a division of Gyanagni Consulting Private Limited, Bangalore, INDIA. Gyanagni Consulting is a firm that specializes in Sales & Marketing Consulting and Recruitment Consulting.

TargetWon provides clients with cutting edge all in one Internet Marketing Tools that is well integrated, powerful and proven. These tools would drive your sales up, help you in acquiring net new clients and also retain them and hence improve the profitability of your enterprise.

TargetWon specializes in Internet Marketing Technology Solutions. Our Solution:

  • helps you get found online by more qualified visitors.
  • shows you how to convert more visitors into leads.
  • gives you tools to close those leads efficiently.
  • provides analytics to help make smart marketing investments.

TargetWon has signed up as a Solution Partner with Nimble Social CRM during Sep 2011 and we currently provide Social CRM Solutions based on Nimble. Please click here for more information.


Partner with a company that has “SUCCESS” and “Winning the Target” in its DNA.